The Temp°Track™ Networked System (NW) enables central administration of a cold chain management process that

spans multiple locations. The Point to Point /Multi Point systems at each site are connected via the Internet, LAN or

WAN to an administration centre. Data is automatically collected per site and archived to the admin centre. The

Networked system consists of many wireless loggers, wireless receivers, and sensors across multiple floors on one site

and/or across multiple sites.

Central monitoring of temperature readings and alarms of any wireless logger connected to the network is easy with the networked system. It can reconfigure any logger connected to the network. Users can monitor temperature/alarms of any logger connected to the network from a remote PC, tablet or smartphone with internet access. Detailed graphs and reports can be viewed and generated by specifying the logger and sensor identity. Networked monitoring systems are suitable for groups of users in different locations where local and central viewing and/or management of temperature data is necessary. These systems can monitor temperature, humidity, pressure and CO2 levels.
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Networked Monitoring System

Battery Powered Wireless Loggers are supported by the networked systems. Typically, multiple wireless loggers, multiple wireless receivers, multiple wireless repeaters, and multiple sensors are required to establish this system. The wireless loggers can be connected to a computer through any of the following interfaces: Wired access Serial port access to the Logger via a serial cable. Maximum distance between logger and PC is up to 10m only. Wireless access Communication between logger and PC up to 100m line of sight, longer distances up to 5km possible with high gain wireless modules with external antenna. GPRS access Communication between logger and PC can be established anywhere within coverage of the public mobile network. Ethernet access Communication between logger and PC can be established by connecting the logger directly to any ethernet port on a computer network.