Check out the frequently asked questions below to see if they cover your question. If not, remote assistance from our

helpdesk is always readily available. Contact us at support@temptrack.com.au for non urgent assistance. If you have an

urgent request, please call us on 1300 871 223.

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How do we check that our TempTrack software is the latest?

To check for software updates for potential fault fixes or minor functional improvements, click on the Windows Start menu, All Programs or All Apps, TempTrack, and Check for Updates. The software will then search the internet for any updates applicable. Select Next to download the updates and follow the screen instructions to install the update.

We have new pcs and need to migrate the existing TempTrack to the new pcs. How do we do this?

The Temp°Track™ Server data directory contains the TempTrack database and all logger configuration files. When migrating the TempTrack server software to a new machine, all old data, software licence and configuration files can be retained by copying the TempTrack server data directory to the new machine. Download the Migrating server to a new pc userguide here.

How do we conduct self-calibration of sensors on our site?

Calibration reference sensors can be rented for two weeks to conduct self calibration. Download the Self Calibration Userguide here.

How do we set up the SMS alerts account?

Prior to using any SMS service for alerts from the TempTrack system, an account must be set up with an SMS API (either BulkSMS or Clickatell). Once the Clickatell or BulkSMS account is set up, the SMS account details can be added on the TempTrack software. TempTrack alerts via SMS can then occur. Download the SMS Alert Set Up Userguide here.

What are the IT requirements for setting up TempTrack in our organisation?

Download the TempTrack System IT Requirements here.

I have a specific question about using the TempTrack System. Where can I find more information?

The TempTrack software user guide can be downloaded from the Help menu in your TempTrack software. For more detailed FAQs, download Using TempTrack FAQ here.