Temp°Track Point to Multi Point System

The Point to Multi Point Monitoring System is deployed for monitoring more than 2 points within one area and/or across multiple areas and levels in an organisation. Ie. 4 freezers in a research lab on one level, 2 fridges on each level of a 6 floor hospital. More than one logger, at least one receiver, and more than two sensors will normally be required for this system within the one location.

Temp°Track Networked System

The Networked System enables central administration of a cold chain management process that spans multiple locations. The Point to Point/Multi Point systems at each site are connected via the Internet, LAN or WAN to an administration centre. Data is automatically collected per site and archived to the admin centre. The Networked system consists of many loggers, receivers, and sensors across multiple floors on one site and/or across multiple sites.


The TempTrack monitoring system is flexible and dynamic. Once deployed, the system can be expanded at any point by

adding sensors and logging devices to meet the growing needs of the organisation. The base system consisting of a wireless

logger/sensor and wireless receiver is suitable for monitoring several points (point to point system), and can scale up to

monitoring multiple points with multiple logging devices (point to multi point system) across an organisation, and multiple

points across large organisations with multiple sites (networked system). Temperature and humidity are the most common

monitoring states but we can also customise sensors for monitoring other states ie. CO2 levels, pressure, current.

With all TempTrack systems, monitoring, logging, alerting, and reporting is fully automated with 24/7 continuous live data and alerts. Multiple users can receive alarm alerts, and a higher logging frequency during alarm conditions can be set. Graphical data, statistics and historical data provides valuable information for determining corrective actions, and for evidence during audits. Floor plans allow users to view all sensors installed over multiple floors. The software is user friendly and with easy access from your device. Learn more about TempTrack here.
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Temp°Track Point to Point System

The Temp°Track™ Point-to-Point (P2P) Monitoring System is generally used for monitoring 1-2 points ie. a vaccine refrigerator in a clinic/pharmacy, an incubator in a laboratory, two coolrooms in a restaurant, ambient temperature in a warehouse. The typical equipment required will be one wireless logger with up to two external sensors (and optional internal temperature and humidity sensors), and one wireless receiver. These systems can monitor temperature (including extreme temperatures of -80 o C and -200 o C), humidity, and CO2 levels, and can be tailored to monitor other environmental states.