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Technical Support

Find information on TempTrack products, download online manuals, and get the latest updates and software upgrades. Get advice, support and service from us too at any stage before, during and after installation of your system.
Service  Temp°Track™ is pre-configured and presented with a simple installation procedure. For most systems, the user can install the system software within 10 minutes. Alternatively, the system can be installed at low cost. Remote assistance can also be provided to assist with both software and hardware installation. Assistance is always available pre, during and post installation. Other services include: Calibration The calibration service comes with a NATA traceable calibration certificate. If an application requires high precision eg. +/- 0.1oC, we offer an error correction capability that can be built into Temp°Track™ to perform automatic adjustment based on the sensor's error profile. Data Downloads and Reports For businesses that do not have a PC, a data download service is available to retrieve all stored data from Temp°Track™. Printouts of data charts and reports are also available. This service can be performed remotely by equipping the system with a GPRS modem. Alternatively, an on- site data download service is available. Refrigerator Temperature Profile Different types of fridges use different temperature control mechanisms and can exhibit different temperature profiles throughout the day. There are many other factors that can produce temperature fluctuations inside the fridge, for example, the defrost-cycle, the condition of the door seals, the age and condition of the fridge compressor, the frequency of door opening, and the setting of the temperature dial. To ensure the fridge is maintaining its internal temperature according to the safety standards, we offer a fridge temperature profile measurement service.  
                   Product Information                                          For software upgrades, latest updates, current product information, and installation assistance refer below to                                         locate the relevant support or contact us directly on +61 3 96819118 or Software Updates The latest software updates are available: 1. Via ‘programs’ on the taskbar, select ‘TempTrack’ and ‘Check for Updates’ for latest TempTrack software releases, or 2. Via Quick Installation Guide We are going GREEN! To reduce paper, the Quick Installation Guide is available online here - Online Manuals To view the software features and print product brochures refer to the following downloads. Download Software Features Download Product Brochures 
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