We are a global software development company, home to talented and experienced engineers, and we LOVE what we

do. We create great, high quality and cost effective solutions. Our speciality is developing solutions to monitor

temperature, humidity, and other internal & external environmental states, for critical temperature sensitive products and

projects. We are proud of where we are now since our beginnings almost 18 years ago in 2003. We are proud of our

products that are backed by solid r&d and perfectionism. With strong backgrounds in software and hardware design, our

team designs products using the latest technology and methods ensuring reliable long term performance.


Our strong background in engineering, software and hardware design means that we can easily picture how we can develop a solution to meet your requirements. We work closely with you to ensure that the solution is the best solution; practical, relevant and cost effective. We are perfectionists in product development. Our experience in using technology in medical settings for sound decision making is second to none.


We work closely together with our customers to really understand their requirements to create the best solution. We pursue research & development, and the completion of small and large projects for our customers. We provide practical, relevant and cost effective solutions for our customers We are specialists. We have very high skills, knowledge and experience that ensures customer confidence. We seek to understand customer needs foremost and are flexible in terms of timeframe, budget, and application. We always respond to customers' requests quickly, with respect and patience, and with an open mind to solutions
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B.Bus, MBA. 13 years with Ericsson Australia in resource mgt, operations management, HR, staff development, finance management, MIS management, and R&D Management. Director of E2E IT Solutions and TempTrack Systems since 2003 in Operations Management. Interests: Family, Cycling, Running, Travelling, Australian Border Force detector dogs foster carer



M.Engineering. 12 years with Ericsson R&D in technical roles (software design, system design, product maintenance), working mostly with voice and data related signalling protocols. Principal Engineer of E2E IT Solutions and TempTrack Systems since 2003 (hardware, firmware software design and test). Interests: Tennis, Snowboarding/Skiing, the environment, and electronics.



M.Engineering. 14 years with Ericsson R&D in technical roles (software design, system design, product maintenance) and management roles (project manager, system manager, maintenance manager, R&D general manager). Member of global R&D management team. Director of E2E IT Solutions & TempTrack Systems since 2003. Interests: Family, Golf, Badminton, Fishing.

“Our people are our greatest assets. Our engineers are first class with outstanding skill & knowledge, a genuine dedication to their work and making the products perfect for our customers.”


E2E IT Solutions Pty Ltd was established in February 2003 by the leadership team of the Fixed and Mobile Core Networks Sector of a multi-national mobile network vendor following the closure of it's research and development facilities in Australia. The Fixed and Mobile Core Networks Sector was recognised as a world class R&D organisation. E2E IT Solutions Pty Ltd employ similar methods of working and possess specialist skills and knowledge thus maintaining an organisation of excellence. The TempTrack range of solutions were developed in response to the demand for fully automated temperature and humidity monitoring systems for use in the medical industry where vaccine and medical trial product storage temperatures are critical. The company has invested heavily in research, development and testing to advance the suite of products so that customers have access to reliable, efficient and cost effective solutions. The range of solutions has expanded significantly over 17 years to cater to a wide range of industries and applications locally and internationally.