We specialise in temperature monitoring solutions for products stored at extreme temperatures, particularly in research

laboratories, hospitals/medical centres, universities, pharmaceutical laboratories and vaccine storage centres. Some

covid-19 vaccines will need to be stored at extreme temperatures ie. minus 70C. Round the clock temperature monitoring

is critical for ensuring covid-19 vaccine quality and minimising wastage. We can provide fully automated systems for you

to monitor these low storage temperatures.

Here is an example of how a TempTrack vaccine temperature monitoring system could work for you. A hospital with an immunisation program stores vaccines to administer to the public. The vaccines are stored in six freezers (at -70C) in one room. You would require three wireless loggers, six low temperature sensors, and a wireless receiver that enables communications between the loggers and your pc or mobile. Humidity could also be monitored without any additional equipment. The approximate equipment cost in this example is $3,000.

Call us on 1300 871 223 to discuss further, or email us at sales@temptrack.com.au for more information and pricing.

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