Point to Point Monitoring System

Suitable for - Monitoring one refrigerator and viewing live and historical temperature data in graphical/report form on a pc. In a Point-to-Point Monitoring System, temperature readings are displayed on a PC, smart phone and/or tablet continuously, enabling remote monitoring of temperature levels and alarm conditions. The ability to visualise temperature profile and alarm information enables quick interpretation of data. This system is recommended for applications requiring auditable records. Data collection and processing is fully automated. Graphical data and statistics provides valuable information for scheduling pre-emptive maintenance to prevent costly breakdown of machinery and loss of products. More...

Point to Multi Point Monitoring System

Suitable for - Monitoring more than one refrigerator within the same location, and viewing live and historical temperature data in graphical/report form on a computer, smart phone and/or tablet. As the number of monitoring points increases, the Point-to-Point system can be expanded to a Point-to-Multi Point Monitoring System by introducing additional logger units. The point to point system is the base system described above. Typically, multiple loggers, at least one receiver, occasionally a repeater, and more than two sensors are required to establish this system. More...  

Networked Monitoring System

Suitable for - Groups of users across multiple locations where local/central management of temperature data is necessary. Networked systems enable central administration of the cold chain management process spanning multiple locations. The Point-to- Point /Multi Point systems at each site are connected via the Internet, a Local Area Network (LAN) or a Wide Area Network (WAN) to an administration centre. Temperature measurements are automatically collected per site and archived to the admin centre periodically. Typically, multiple loggers, receivers, and multiple sensors are required to establish this system. More...


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