The Temp°Track™ Point-to-Multi Point (P2MP) Monitoring System is generally used for monitoring more than 2 points ie.

3 vaccine refrigerators in a clinic/pharmacy, 4 incubators in a laboratory, 6 coolrooms in a restaurant. Typical equipment

required will be more than one wireless logger, at least one wireless receiver and more than two sensors.

As the number of monitoring points increases, the Point-to-Point system can be expanded to a Point-to-Multi Point System by introducing additional loggers, sensors and receivers. This system is suitable for users who require monitoring of more than one refrigerator within the same location. In the Point to Multi-Point System readings are also live, and transmitted and displayed on a PC continuously, and temperature profiles and alarm information allows fast interpretation of data and corrective actions to ensure product quality. Remote monitoring of the temperature levels and alarm conditions in all areas is. This system is highly recommended for applications requiring auditable records as it fully automates data collection and storage, with full historical data available in graphical and report form. Statistics provided can also be used to monitor potential equipment failure allowing for pre-emptive maintenance to prevent product loss. These systems can monitor temperature, humidity, pressure and CO2 levels.

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Point to Multi Point Monitoring System

Battery Powered Wireless Loggers are supported by the point to multi point systems. Typically, multiple wireless loggers, at least one wireless receiver, occasionally a wireless repeater, and more than two sensors are required to establish this system. The wireless loggers can be connected to a computer through any of the following interfaces: Wired access Serial port access to the Logger via a serial cable. Maximum distance between logger and PC is up to 10m only. Wireless access Communication between logger and PC up to 100m line of sight, longer distances up to 5km possible with high gain wireless modules with external antenna. GPRS access Communication between logger and PC can be established anywhere within coverage of the public mobile network. Ethernet access Communication between logger and PC can be established by connecting the logger directly to any ethernet port on a computer network.