The Temp°Track Point-to-Multi Point (P2MP) Monitoring System is generally used for monitoring more than 2 points ie. 3

vaccine refrigerators in a clinic/pharmacy, 4 incubators in a laboratory, 6 coolrooms in a restaurant. Typical equipment

required will be more than one wireless logger, at least one wireless receiver and more than two sensors. Often the base

system, a point to point system, is expanded to a point to multi-point system with additional loggers, sensors and receivers

to accommodate additional monitoring points as the organisation grows.

In the Point to Multi-Point System readings are also live and displayed continuously, and temperature profiles and alarm

information enables fast interpretation of data to ensure product quality. This system is highly recommended where

auditable records are important as it fully automates data collection and storage, and with full historical data available in

graphical and report form. The statistics generated can also be used to monitor for potential equipment failure so that pre-

emptive maintenance can occur to prevent product loss. These systems can monitor temperature (including extreme

temperatures), humidity, and CO2 levels, and can be tailored to monitor other environmental states.

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