Wireless Battery Powered Logger

The battery powered wireless logger is one of the key elements in all systems ie. point to point, point to multi-point, networked, and supports up to 2 external sensors. Wireless communication to a PC is via a wireless receiver/router. The battery powered logger does not have an LED display of temperature data but has LED for alarm alerting. It operates on 3 x AA standard alkaline battery with up to 2 years battery lifespan. The PC Software includes: • Live temperature display • Floor plan module • Alarm alerting including alerting of system events • Comprehensive database for audit • Historical charts and temperature profile of alarms • Report generation • Remote Viewing module The wireless receiver is  assigned a Static IP address, the PC communicates to the logger via a  receiver, and supports up to 10 battery powered loggers directly. A wall router plugs directly into the power point and supports up to 12 Battery powered loggers. Industrial battery powered loggers are also available. These are durable units for heavy duty applications. Dimensions: L = 110 mm; H = 75 mm; W = 25 mm. Weight: 175g (with batteries) EMC and Radio Communications Compliance with AS/NZS CISPR 22:2002 .Logging Features  It logs the temperature readings together with the time stamps according to the Logging Interval specified by the user.  It continuously monitors the temperature for out of range conditions. Out of range conditions occur when the temperature exceeds the user specified upper or lower alarm limits.  When out of range conditions are detected, logging will occur according to the out of range logging interval. This unique feature enables the logging of the temperature profile of out of range conditions. The duration of the out of range condition and the minimum or maximum temperature (lower or upper alarm limit exceeded) are also stored.  An alarm is raised only if the duration of the out of range condition exceeds the Alarm Delay duration. This allows the user to filter temporary fluctuations in temperature above the alarm limits as “uneventful alarms” ie. defrost cycle in a refrigerator.  When the temperatures fall back within the upper and lower alarm limits, logging reverts back to the normal Logging Interval. Logged data can be viewed on the logger and on the computer where connected.  

Product Brochure and Technical Specifications

Download Product brochure for the Wireless Battery Powered Logger 


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