E2E IT Solutions Pty. Ltd. was established in February 2003 by the management team of the Fixed and  Mobile Core Networks Sector of a multi-national mobile network vendor following the closure of it's research  and development facilities in Australia. At the time of closure, the Fixed and Mobile Core Networks Sector  was recognised as a World class R&D organisation. E2E IT Solutions Pty. Ltd. employ similar ways of  working and possess specialist skills and knowledge thus maintaining an organisation of excellence. The  TEMP°Track™ range of solutions was born in 2003 in response to the demand for a fully automated  wireless system for monitoring vaccine storage temperatures. The company has invested heavily in  research, development and testing to advance the suite of products so that customers have access to  reliable, efficient and cost effective solutions. The range of solutions has expanded significantly over 10  years to cater to a wide range of industries and applications locally and internationally. TEMP°Track™ is a  registered trademark of E2E IT Solutions with patent number 2004100953. 

Our engineers are experts 

Our people are our greatest assets.  Our engineers are first class with outstanding skill and knowledge, and  a genuine dedication and loyalty to their work. They are experts in the development of temperature  monitoring and alerting systems. With backgrounds in engineering, software and hardware design, our  people develop systems that are robust and of high quality for all applications. Substantial research and  investment in design means that the systems are using the latest technology and methods ensuring high  and reliable performance in the long term. 

The way we work

TEAMWORK - We work very closely together to create the best solution for our customers  PERSEVERANCE - We persist with R&D, and the completion of small and large projects for our customers   SOLUTION DRIVEN - We provide practical and cost effective solutions for our customers  EXPERTS - We are specialists. We have very high skills & experience that ensures customer confidence  FLEXIBLE - We always meet customer needs by understanding requirements and recommending solutions  RESPECT - We always respond to customers' requests quickly and with respect and patience 
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Company Directors

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Margot Terrell-Jenkins Director   B.Bus, MBA. 13 years with Ericsson in roles including resource management, operations management, HR, staff development, finance management, MIS Management, and R&D Management. Director of E2E IT Solutions and TempTrack Systems since 2003. David Wong Director   M.Eng. 14 years with Ericsson R&D in technical roles (software design, system design, product maintenance) and management roles (project manager, system manager, maintenance manager, R&D general manager). Member of global R&D management team. Director of E2E IT Solutions and TempTrack Systems since 2003. Our promise to you  Our systems will provide fully automated alerting and monitoring to protect your temperature sensitive products. We 100% stand by our product's' quality and reliability. We work closely with customers to ensure that the solution meets their needs particularly in terms of efficiency and cost effectiveness.
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