Temp°Track Temperature Monitoring and Alerting

Temp°Track™ is the leading range of fully automated wireless temperature monitoring and alerting systems using the latest technology providing 24/7 management of all temperature sensitive products. The Temp°Track™ system is flexible, expandable, scalable and portable. The systems  feature email/sms alerting, real time monitoring, automated reporting, floor plan viewing, and easy self installation. Fully automated wireless alerting & monitoring 24/7 Remote monitoring multiple sites anywhere in the world Email and/or SMS alerting for alarm conditions  Scalable systems - small, medium and large systems View data on smartphone, tablet, or laptop/desktop  Historical data stored in database for audits Live temperature display on pc - real time monitoring  Floor plan viewing of temperature status for all areas  Status updates to phone Automated reports, graphs, tables Temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2 sensors Plug & play concept. Self install to minimise cost  The patented systems are unique in design and possess a strong record of reliable performance since 2003. The products are widely deployed  in Australia and exported to hospitals, pharmacies, medical centres, warehouses, food manufacturers, restaurants, hotels, aged care facilities,  industrial environments, transport companies and research laboratories. Our engineers also develop customised solutions for specific non  standard applications. Temp°Track™ systems provide the best chance of preventing a cold chain breach rather than reacting to the breach. Without alerting it is usually  too late to save stock. Stock loss data before and after installation of Temp°Track™ systems fully justifies the investment. Regulatory compliance  with temperature monitoring standards is never an issue again.  
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